Name World Class Product of Korea
Definition The term 'World Class Product of Korea' refers to a product or service produced by an enterprise organized in Korea which satisfies the qualification standards for either the Present World Class Product of Korea or the Next Generation World Class Product of Korea as set forth in the Article 7 of the Regulations on the Selection and Management of the System concerning the World Class Product of Korea.
Period of Award First awarded on June 28, 2007; Continuously qualified during last five years to the present year of 2012
Supervising Agency Ministry of Knowledge Economy


Name Service Quality Certification
Definition This system was introduced by the Korean government to broadly inform enterprises or institutions which offer excellent services, to strengthen competitiveness of service industry. The examiners, who are experts it is each category, access the level of the service quality at the business premises, to its customers and by surprise visit, through objective and impartial examinations, and to offer the direction for improvement. This is the system of announcing an outstanding service quality business, by awarding it with a certification of attestation, to an enterprise or an institution which excels in its outcome on improvement of its service quality (legal authority) Article 3 and Article 6 of Quality Management and Safety and Maintenance of Industrial Products Law (bulletin 2004-131 Ministry of Industrial Materials) Regulation on service quality certification)
Period of Award From July 8, 2005 to the present
Supervising Agency Ministry of Knowledge Economy


Name National Brand Competitiveness Index First place for four consecutive years in electric pressure rice cooker category
Definition What is the National Brand Competitiveness Index?
The National Brand Competitiveness Index is an index to measure the overall competitiveness of a company brand by adding the values for three criteria -the brand recognition, the brand image and the establishment of relationship, with 100 being the highest, resulting from the marketing activities of the companies
Period of Award 2015
Supervising Agency Korea Production Center


Name Good Design
Definition What is a Good Design?
It is a designation, a mark 'GOOD DESIGN', given to products proven to have excellent designs after an overall examination of its design - outside appearance of the product, functionality, use of the material and cost effectiveness. This award was first enacted in 1985 pursuant to the Industrial Design Promotion Law.
Period of Award 2011 (HT), 2009 (HQ, HN), 2008 (HK), 2007 (HG, J), 2006 (HF/HE/G/LH-66), 2002 (F), 1999 (SR-10)
Supervising Agency Sponsor - Ministry of Knowledge Economy; Supervisor - Korea Institute of Design Promotion


Name Korea Management Quality Award
Definition Korea Management Quality Award is the most prestigious award in Korea which analyses and evaluates the value of the overall management quality of the companies to improve the competitiveness of them through efficient application of their management resources. This award is to strengthen the competitiveness in the quality of the management which is considered to be the core value in the management of a company
Period of Award November 19, 2004
Supervising Agency Sponsor: Ministry of Knowledge Economy; Supervisor: Korea Association of Means and Measures